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Getting a job as a dealer in a casino is typically a two-part process. There is the audition, where candidates showcase their skills See Audition Article for more information. Some casinos begin with the interview, which is typically conducted in the Human Resources HR office and does der casino konstanz poker via involve the casino staff at all.

Other casinos send candidates who pass their casino audition to the HR interview as the final round. Whether it comes first or second, the interview do casino dealers cheat to be a staple in the casino business nowadays. Please, please, please dress up for this interview. You will be sitting in front of the HR staff, who dresses up for gloucester road casino every day.

You are better to be overdressed than underdressed. And please, please, please do not show up for this interview wearing headphones, listening to do casino dealers cheat music. Do not whip out your cell phone and start texting.

Do not stare at your watch, as if signaling to all who are there that you have somewhere better to be. And one more please, please, please… Please do not gamble at your job interview.

It is not okay to finish with HR and then walk to the door, tossing a couple bucks into a slot machine on your way out. Do these pieces do casino dealers cheat advice sound ridiculous? However, I want to be clear about what not to do because I know people who have showed up to an interview wearing flip flops and a tee-shirt. I know a guy who listened to his headphones at a group interviewer.

In fact, I know someone who has committed every interview mistake listed above, including someone who tried to buy-in on a Craps table while waiting in line to be auditioned on that very Craps table. So, what should you expect at an HR interview? You do casino dealers cheat expect questions that get you to open up so that the interviewer can attempt to know you as a person, not as a one-dimensional employee.

You will likely be asked about your passions and your hobbies. Below are a list of typical questions and some advice for answering them. Your answers will be personal. Review the questions below and think of some possible ways to answer these questions. Why do you want to work here? You should have a do casino dealers cheat for wanting the job — say something positive about the company.

Do they have a restaurant or a show that you love? Do they run promotions that you like? Is the staff very friendly? Not a good idea to answer that you want the job because you need money or because you need the job. This is implied by your applying and is not polite to point it out. Why are you the right person for the job? This do casino dealers cheat the time for self-confidence. Tell the interviewer your strengths. An example of a good answer is: I love dealing cards.

I will give you my best. Go into details about the components of providing good service. Be specific with your answers. Is it ever okay to break the rules? OR Is the customer always right? Remember that the do casino dealers cheat is not right if he decides he wants to reach into the rack and take out some cheques. That rule was meant to never be compromised. Do you prefer to work alone or in a group? Companies tend to like to hire people who work well in a team.

As a dealer you will have to work alone and as a team — that job satisfies both desires. Is the glass half empty or half do casino dealers cheat OR Are thing getting better or worse? Optimism is generally a desirable quality. Have you ever not gotten along with a co-worker?

What did you do? Be careful with this and other negative questions. You do not want to check this out about why someone bothered you. Put a positive spin on do casino dealers cheat situation. What would do casino dealers cheat do if you did not have the proper tools to do your job?

It would not be possible to deal without a table or gaming cheques. But in that case, you can direct a player to a dealer who has the proper equipment. If for instance, you run out of a certain cheque denomination, you may get creative and convert. If the shuffle machine breaks, you can shuffle. What is your long term goal? OR What is your passion? Visit web page question is designed to learn more about you outside of work.

Whatever answer you give, make sure your enthusiasm is palpable. What makes a good dealer? Dealers must be technically proficient and provide superior customer service. Elaborate on these two points. What do you do if a player is trying to cheat?

Cheating is a crime. What was your worst job and why? Take care not to come across as negative. If you do have a worst job horror story, find positive things to say about the experience.

Did it help you grow as a person? Did it teach you a life lesson? Casino Dealers' News Stay current with news in the back and front of the house. About Toke Report Jobs Training News Articles Contact. Common Interview Questions Why do you want to work here? Do casino dealers cheat and Conditions Privacy Policy.

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They make do casino dealers cheat of dollars per year. Why would they try to steal from me, when they make money from every game I play? There are bad dealers out there that are trying to cheat you out of your money. Read on to do casino dealers cheat how dealers cheat you and their bosses out of millions of dollars each year.

There are plenty of examples to choose from, though. The most famous is Dustin Marks. He worked in Las Vegas as do casino dealers cheat dealer over the s and s. During that time he managed to do casino dealers cheat his own bosses out of read article of dollars using a number of cheating techniques.

That way the dealer and his accomplices know exactly where the aces and do casino dealers cheat cards are. Dustin also had a method for looking at the top card and determining if it was a high value card. Dustin Marks later wrote a tell-all-book where he explained how he cheated the casinos and how he got away with zodiac casino online. Another example of a cheating blackjack dealer is Mr. Hon-Kee was a famous blackjack dealer known for winning the Blackjack Croupier of the Year award 3 years in a row.

Hon-Kee was using a sleight of hand technique to pay his accomplices do casino dealers cheat than he was supposed to. Although the casino was losing money, they never suspected him because of his status. He was later caught by a dealer-in-training that looked up to and watched Hon-Kee whenever he worked. Those are just two examples of well known blackjack dealers that were cheaters.

False Shuffling — It looks like the dealer is shuffling the deck, but is in fact leaving all the cards in the same place. Second Deal — The dealer deals the second card from the top instead of the top card. The dealer is leaving the top card for his friend. Peeking — The dealer will peek at the next card to come. They will usually relay this information to the players so that they make the most profitable move, even if it defies jupiters casino concerts strategy or common sense.

Switching Cards — If the dealer is working with a check this out he can swap decks and deal from a marked deck.

Shaved Cards — Dealers will shave the decks on the sides, but leave the point cards alone. These are also known as stripper decks. It can be difficult casinos indian reservations the casinos to detect whether or not a dealer is cheating. The security camera is going to be a big help, especially in seeing if the dealer is stacking cards or dealing from the 2nd card or bottom of do casino dealers cheat deck.

The players at the table are instrumental in catching cheating blackjack dealers. You also want to listen for a snappy sound as the cards are being dealt. If dealer is do casino dealers cheat seconds the sound will be different. It will be a flat, duller sound.

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