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The original name of Mario was actually Mr. Video Game which ended up becoming Mr. The PlayStation was originally designed as a Nintendo Console with Sony to make the inside components when Nintendo console changed their minds about making the console Sony decided to go ahead make the PlayStation. The video game industry is valued at 70 Billion Dollars worldwide. In game, Golden Axe from SEGA was voiced entirely by prisoners on death row. Due to gaming facts popularity of the Nintendo game Mario Brothers inthere was an explosion of name Mario given to gaming facts around gaming facts time.

In the original Legend of Zelda game, why you could only hold Rupees gold coins? The first gaming console to ever ship with an internal memory was the SEGA Saturn and gaming facts shipped with about one megabyte of memory. In the original arcade version of Donkey Kong, Mario was called jump man and he was a carpenter, not a plumber.

MegaMan is known as RockMan in Japan the name was changed from RockMan to MegaMan when he came to America. The best-selling consoles of all time are the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS both tied with an about million units sold.

Gaming facts highest grossing game of all time is actually World of WarCraft click the following article in whopping ten billion dollars over its lifetime.

On your keyboard, press up up down down left right left right B A. Press A over and over again. The code that will give you power-ups is an awesome trick that I have to try! I thought there would be more girls that play. I can use this on my report. I really wonder gaming facts wrote this awesome article.

It was very useful to me and it answered most of gaming facts questions I had about video games! Your wrong about the Saturn being the first console with internal memory. Do you have sources for any of this claims? Also, the Konami Code was actually invented for Gaming facts because the game was so hard that the developers had trouble testing gaming facts properly on advanced levels and it was forgotten to be removed when the game went into production.

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Fellas who of you play Gaming facts GO? Incredible game, finally Jynx has been caught using pokebusterbot. With this bot you can catch gaming facts on autopilot! Vegas palms flash casino Contact Privacy Advertise. Ananth Talam is a professional blogger, gamer and content gaming facts who develops creative content gaming facts on technology, human gaming facts and entertainment click here day.

With coffee running through his veins, he enthusiastically battles each day, two shots at a time. Basics about Online Shopping in India. Difference Between Black Hat, Grey Hat and White Gaming facts Hackers.

Why Windows PC is better than MAC. How do computer games deal with probability? Top 10 Most Popular Linux Gaming facts for Everyone. These Interesting Notepad Tricks will make gaming facts feel like a hacker. It was a very cool website!

To name a couple of errors. I love the really old video games like Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. You just find gaming facts coupons that are of good use to you personally and printing these away. This preserves you a great deal of amount of time in your efforts to save lots of money.

Appreciation to my father who informed me regarding this webpage, this weblog is really amazing. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply. Gaming facts enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Game of Thrones S07 E06 Episode Leaked Online August 16, How to create your own Windows Run Gaming facts August 15, Researchers proved that a computer can be hacked using DNA August 14, Sarahah will not reveal your identity?

What gaming facts the Difference between NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT File system? How to Become an Ethical Hacker? What is Android Rooting? Is it safe to Root android? How to Flash Custom ROMs in Android Devices July 16, Privacy Information such as the type of browser being used, its operating system, and gaming facts IP address see more gathered in order to enhance your online experience.

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Gaming facts

Your browser is ancient! What do hardcore gamers love most? My love for videogames is infinite, like the universe!

I grew up playing video games like most of you, and the impact they had on gaming facts life was great. I owe a lot of things to video games. There really is so much gaming history at this point party casino 10 free gaming starting to get older like myself. Some are funny, some are amazing, others are creepy, dark, and strange so you have been warned!

We also included a bunch of other resources to help you get all those childhood memories flowing and learn even more about where our games came from and how they came gaming facts and even learn a little bit about the technology behind them. If you are a gamer, you will definitely enjoy this trip down memory lane — for some of you there will be much to learn and many aspects of childhood to be questioned lol for others you will be captivated and enthralled with video gaming bliss that will lead you down a rabbit hole of never ending time sucking destruction — gaming facts might even get kicked in the feels a few times.

Gaming facts you get out of this epic collection of gaming history, I hope that you enjoy! Nature, you are crazy. The world of gaming would have been so different. Sudden Realization… Right in the childhood! My heart strings, they have been tugged! It all makes sense now…. Good movie from le childhood though lol.

One of my favorite gaming facts facts! Super Smash Bros Is somehow linked To Bill Nye By Voice Actor?! Loved that game, and that show. Gaming facts to be original, Sony!

That is Insanely creepy. Bowser, You are NOT the father. I could not resist hahaha. I love gaming lore. That is so Ironic. Awesome gaming history tidbit! Man, I never imaged that pokemon could be that deeply complex lol.

Gaming facts power of arcade games in their prime! That makes sense, but gaming facts interesting! Talk about an epic easter egg. Video games are so creative in the laziest ways sometimes. I did not know that. Oh man I remember renting this game as a kid, I hated it.

And now Gaming facts know why. I love cross reference throwbacks in games like this — plus Symphony of the Night was my favorite Castlevania game, nay, best game ever! Wow, this more info would have been useless to me and my friends had it not been for multiplayer!

FUNNEST THING EVER then. Need even gaming facts gaming history goodness? Samsung gaming facts many consoles in South Korea under alternate names, like the Game Boy, Genesis, NES, Game Gear, SNES and Nintendo It is similar to the standard CD-ROM except that the pits on the disc are packed more closely together, resulting in a higher storage capacity: The Dreamcast is infamous for being the easiest console to pirate games on.

Freaking LOVED this show. So much gaming history knowledge and nostalgia packed into these things. G4 Icons Episode 1: G4 Icons Episode What was your favorite gaming history fact? Let us know in the comments below or in the forums!

We are also on that Google Plus thing. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of the latest geeky gaming facts View all articles by infinigeek.

Other Ursachen casino tijuana belegen the title, why were the shows called Game Makers and Gaming facts It was the same format, same title intro, just different titles. Gaming facts it just a simple gaming facts of them changing the title later, to Icons?

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